A New Era

There are moments in everyone's life, where a choice is made that brings to them into a new era of change. For me, that moment was in August 2011 when I took a freelance job with John ShermanBeau Kershaw, and Dan Gerlach at Storyfarm. They were a small company of four at the time, and I was a young dude, still figuring out who I was, and what I wanted to do with my life.

I remember immediately feeling at home and welcomed when I walked in the door at their small office in the Canton Can Company. After starting full time with them in November 2011, change was always on the horizon. New offices and people came and went, new clients and cameras passed through, but that feeling of home never changed. Co-workers quickly became close friends, and close friends soon became family.

It's hard to really write out how I'm feeling, but what I will say, is that I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity these last five and a half years. I can't imagine who I'd be today without the beautiful, hilarious, bizarre and exciting experiences I've had alongside such inspiring and talented friends. I've learned so much, grown in so many ways, met a ton of interesting people across the city and the country, and truly discovered a side to the world and myself I wouldn't have known otherwise...

Today was another moment like August 2011, as it was my final day working full-time at Storyfarm. It also marks the beginning of the next era in my life, one in which I look forward to starting many new friendships, growing and learning more, and creating a lot of new exciting content. I can only hope the next five years will be as enriching and inspirational as these past five have been for me.

To those I've worked with at Storyfarm, in the past and present, thank you for the wild ride. I love you all, and I'm sure I'll see you all around again soon.